Hot Water New Lambton

At Incase Plumbing we have over 16 years’ experience in dealing with hot water systems of all shapes and sizes. Our dedicated team can install new systems, tempering valves, repair faults and replace parts no matter which Hot Water New Lambton system you have at your home or business.

There is more than one type of hot water system, however regardless which hot water system you have it is integral to have regular maintenance checks. The four main types of hot water systems include:

  •    Heat pump
  •    Gas
  •    Solar (with or without electric booster)
  •    Electric

Depending on your water demand, location and preference you may have chosen a particular type of system. It is important that the system you have whichever one that may be can cope with your demand is maintained and has safety features installed.

Safety Features for all hot water systems

No matter which Hot Water System you have should come with the following safety features to protect water users regarding temperature, water quality, and mechanical safety.

The single most important safety feature of a hot water system is a Tempering Valve, which controls the water temperature that is delivered to your taps, showers, baths, etc. The valve functions to control the water temperature, ensuring it does not exceed 50 degrees preventing any scalding.

Unfortunately, tempering valves are not standard in all homes, especially where old hot water systems were installed. By law in NSW, when a new hot water system is installed the plumber must install a tempering valve. If you don’t require a new hot water system it is highly advised you to get a plumber to install a tempering valve to an old system, it’s not a major job, and it is an important safety feature.

The thermostat is the second most important safety feature in a hot water system as it ensures the water is free of Legionella by continuously heating the water to 70 degrees to prevent its growth.

Regular Hot Water Maintenance

Maintenance checks are for both safety and for early prevention of any faults which occur within the system. If any error goes unchecked for a considerable length of time, your hot water New Lambton system could be placed under unnecessary pressure causing long term damage and the need to be replaced sooner rather than later. The relative lifespan of a hot water system sits around the 7-10 year mark and to ensure it reaches that, or further regular maintenance should be part of your plumbing to-do list with or without faults.

Although some individual parts are recommended to be checked annually, the Pressure Relief Valve and Cold Water Expansion Valve is recommended to be checked quarterly. It makes sense for your plumber to give the whole hot water system a run over while checking the quarterly parts.

Maintenance is required for:

  •    Tempering Valve (once a year), safety-wise probably the most important feature, ensuring the water temperature does not exceed 50 degrees which will cause potential burns and scalding.
  •    Isolation Non Return Valve (once a year), another important safety feature that allows hot water to be turned off in an emergency situation while allowing the passage of cold water.
  •    Pressure limiting valve (once a year), when left with prolonged faults it places extra pressure on your tank reducing its lifetime.
  •    Pressure Relief Valve (quarterly), again important for the longevity of your hot water system if pressure is not released regularly on its own.
  •    Cold Water Expansion Valve (quarterly), which releases the pressure in the water as it is heated.
  •    Sacrificial Anode, this part is to prevent your system from rusting on the inside and needs to be replaced every five years. If unchecked the rusting may require the whole system needing to be replaced.
  •    Thermostat, this feature ensures the water inside the system is heated to 60 degrees to prevent the development of Legionella.

Regular maintenance does not only save you money but ensures that it is running safely and exactly as it should. There is no right or wrong frequency to get your hot water New Lambton system checked however early identification is the key where small repairs can be made instead of costly replacements, and we recommend your system should be checked at least once a year.

Common problems with hot water systems

Below are some common issues which you should use as warning signs that your hot water system may not be functioning as it should.

Common problems include:

  •    Poor water pressure
  •    No variation in between very hot and cold (e.g. no warm)
  •    Strange sounds coming from hot water system
  •    Pooling water around hot water system
  •    Hot water running out
  •    Constant resetting and relighting pilot lights (gas only)

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