Solar Plumbing New Lambton

At Incase Plumbing we install, service and maintain solar panels and hot water systems for both homes and businesses. Solar hot water systems have become popular in the coming year's thanks to the government incentives and the feed-in tariff where excess energy can be exchanged for cash from energy retailers.

How does Solar Energy work?

Solar electricity panels produce energy by capturing sunlight and converting it into electricity that can be used in homes and businesses to power appliances. Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells and are usually mounted on a home's roof in a position that maximises its exposure to the Sun's light. An inverter is used to convert the energy into AC electricity to power your home or business.

Types of Solar Panels

Regarding solar panels, there are two types. There are two main types of solar modules available Crystalline solar modules and Thin film modules. With the latter being the most innovative.

Crystalline solar modules are the bulkier of the two and are best suited to cooler temperatures and need to be in areas where they are exposed to the wind.

Thin film modules are thin layers which can be more recently attached to the surface of building materials such as roofs, tiles and semi-transparent roofing such as sunlights.

Depending on your price range and energy needs will depend on which type best suits your home or business. It makes sense that if your home has solar panels that you would integrate this into your hot water distribution for your property.

Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

There are two types of solar hot water systems and depending on your energy needs, where you live, and the amount of space you have will dictate which type you install.

  •    Thermosiphons have both the solar collector and the storage tank on the roof. They are quite heavy and may not be suitable for some roofs.
  •    Split Systems come with a solar collector on the roof and a storage tank on the ground. Split systems can be more expensive as they require a pump to move water between the collector on the roof and the storage tank on the ground.

Most solar hot water systems will come with a booster, which is a backup heater that will kick in when there is not enough sunlight. Depending on which secondary energy source you have in your home or business will depend if the booster is connected to electricity or gas etc.

Benefits of Solar Power (Solar Plumbing New Lambton) for Hot Water

  •    Environmentally sustainable, it is a natural energy source which will never run us and is ideally suited to Australia’s climate.
  •    Money Savings, solar power is cheaper than electricity. It may be costly to install a solar panel depending. However, the energy bill savings speak for themselves.
  •    Little ongoing maintenance costs

Our Solar Services

At Incase Plumbing we install, conduct inspections, repairs and ongoing maintenance of solar panels and hot water systems of homes and business in the Newcastle area. Apart from the physical work, our team provide industry advice and help with planning for which solar system will work best for your needs and property.

Maintenance and Repairs

Although solar plumbing New Lambton systems require little maintenance, we advise that at least once a year inverters and isolators and inspected and panels are cleaned. We also conduct regular servicing to test voltage levels and efficiency.

Our hot water maintenance includes:

  • Measure the hot water temperature and pressure
  • Check the anode
  • Inspect the pressure temperature relief valve
  • Examine the thermocouple

To find out more about solar panels and solar hot waters systems for your home or property call us now on 0413 652 557. We service the Lambton, Adamstown, Merewether and the greater Newcastle area.